Vernetzte Natur – DFG DFG DFG DFG DFG DFG

Networked nature –
Biodiversity research at DFG
DFG, touring exhibition

Concept / Design / Exhibition graphics / Accompanying media / Architecture / Planning / Construction

Client: DFG Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Partner: Holger Kroker + facts and fiction
Exhibitions: DFG headquarters Bonn
Construction: in own workshops
Photos: DFG/Jan Schumacher

designatics_Vernetzte Natur_DFG

Our creative theme for the exhibition on biodiversity at the DFG was network structures.

Represented as significantly enlarged abstract lines, they crisscross exhibition modules in radiant colours and in semi-transparent form on windows.

The abstract presentation creates interesting overlays and shadow structures. Integrated in the networks are research questions which the individual modules answer. Simply lent against the wall, the module elements are ideal for changing exhibition venues.


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